Identifying the right SEO goals for your digital campaign


Choosing the best SEO goals for your business site is an important first step in your digital marketing campaign. As with any long-term effort, knowing your ultimate marketing goals and working directly on them saves you time, money, and stress.



Good SEO cannot be done in an empty space. It depends on the business objectives, the needs of the sales and customer support team, and the in-depth knowledge of the competitive environment in which you operate. Involve key stakeholders in each area of ​​your business and work together to come up with a list of needs. You may be surprised at how SEO can help each group meet its goals.


It is important to choose the right goals before applying any SEO strategy and get ongoing sales to your team. Combine and split ideas to find the right digital marketing. If possible, pick “easy” goals and start accumulating quick wins with your team. This buys you the long term SEO strategies they deserve.



If you are struggling to find purchases for team members, or do not have enough knowledge to understand how SEO can help their department, it may help to bring some ideas into the discussion to flow creative juices.


Let's take a look at six SEO goals and how they can affect your business.



1- Leading Generation and Direct Marketing



If you are a track business, your customers may need to contact at least one person in your company before making a purchase. You may have a higher purchase price than average, or your solution may include customization. The key to the SEO campaign of the leading generation is conversion rate.


CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) is probably always the best place to start when you are looking for more leads from your website. It is easy to make direct changes that can significantly increase the flow of your lead.


Use A / B testing to try different methods that make it easier for your customers to convert. Here are a few ways to make a quick impact:


  1. Train your forms. Do you really need 2 different phone numbers and a full email address for the first customer interaction?


  1. Inform your visitor exactly what will happen when we submit the form.


  1. Do not use the word "Submit" on your form buttons (Who do you want to submit, anyway? Sounds painful.)



If your page conversion rate is at least 5% (or higher — hopefully very high), you can focus your attention on increasing target traffic. This can be achieved by creating excellent customer-focused content and don't be afraid to ask for conversions. Consider donating an important freebie for a newsletter subscription and marketing it in your newspaper to create a need.


Taking their knowledge is only the first step. Make sure you use a good automated marketing tool and CRM to stay in touch with your customers.



2- Increase Raw Traffic on your website


This just sounds. Get more clicks on your content and try to keep it on your site for as long as possible. You want to use this feature where you can make money with traffic without any actions or financial actions. If, for example, your site is sponsored or run by ads, this is a good place to start.


Focus your efforts on good content and do keyword research to find topics that are of interest to your audience. Also, make sure you use those keywords in your content.


Use Google Answers to find questions people ask and write a series of blog posts to answer. This will improve traffic to Google long queries. Make sure your articles are easy to share and have been prepared for viral transmission using the share buttons.


However, be careful about using clickbait or fake news to drive adrenal-based clicks. People are becoming aware of this kind of awesome traffic generation, and you can set a goal to tarnish your product for a temporary benefit. Instead, focus on useful, interesting, or timely content that really gives the audience a target. Provide follow-up content and give them a reason to stay. Jumping rate is an important aspect of SEO rankings so do your best to increase the amount of time visitors spend on your site.


3- Increase E-commerce sales


Focus on driving the right traffic to your online store and improve your sales.


About 10% of retail sales in the USA comes from e-commerce. About half of that is Amazon, which means there are millions of other websites competing with you with clicks and purchases of your customers. Using SEO can create long-term, competitive advantages of any business in this highly competitive space.


If you have commercial products and / or services for sale on your site, do not ignore your keyword strategy. Generally, this means that the more accurate a visitor is to the product, the closer we get to the purchase.


  1. Vacumum names are more than a container. They need a lot of information, they want a comprehensive solution, and they may not want the product you offer.


  1. Found product names (“vacuum cleaner”) can be considered as top or center. They know they need a solution but they don't know what. Provide comparative information, and showcase your product in many different contexts.


  1. Long tail sentences (“robot vacuum” or “automatic robot vacuum cleaner”) may be viewed during the bottom of the funnel. They know what they want and look to compare similar products to help them make a decision.


Named searches are often considered too low a must, especially when combined with purchase terms (“buy roomba vacuum” or “roomba vacuum discount”).


Once you have identified your audience and keywords, focus on making the activity as easy as possible with conversion rate optimization (CRO). The purpose of the CRO is to increase the average conversion rate. A good way to test the efficiency and potential ROI of keywords and phrases is to do a click-through payment campaign to find out if they provide traffic and conversions.



4- Making a mark


Increase customer awareness and reduce resistance to future sales.



Marketing is often overlooked but is an important part of ongoing marketing campaigns.



When you are just starting to build your product with the target market, branding facilitates future discussions by creating space in the mind of your customer. It is easier to work with a well-known company than a new business venture.


On suspended brands, continuous branding protects your domain and builds trust. Properly aligning industry goals around your business can create awareness of new solutions and benefit the fast customer while smaller brands are struggling. Use your brand by making your presence known in keywords that include competing brand names and products. Make sure you are a part of every conversation.


SEO enables customers to participate and engage with your product. Your keyword focus becomes more specific as you will be directing your company and brand name to gain more with very little effort. Make sure your site is accessible with a good link design and focus on links from high quality sources that make your product legitimate. These high quality links are important to Google as an indicator of the importance of your website.


5- Dignity Management


We get it. Everyone makes mistakes. In the online era, every mistake is magnified and can always damage your product for months or years.


If you are trying to protect your brand from having a bad reputation or changing an existing bad image, SEO can be a great help in achieving this change of perspective.


First, own your brand name in all its forms. You want to have 10 out of 10 search results on Google in your domain. This involves developing pages on many different domains in order to “own” the complete pages of search results. Create content on Facebook, Linkedin, Github, Reddit, Twitter, etc. then run named SEO campaigns on those pages. If you own the top 10, don’t relax. Keep constant pressure with additional different content and links associated with your product.


Then, focus on the keywords that are most important to your product. It could be your official business name, personal name, product name or a popular alternative. Use social media, news releases, social media profiles, links from networks of sites you do not own or manage.


Do not underestimate the power of personal feedback from the founder or CEO of an online complaint. However, if you are not experienced or comfortable doing this, consider using external experts, as responses must be carefully made. A quick, thoughtless comment may seem trivial, out of touch, indifferent, or worse: defensive and angry. However, the right word can spread the word and actually increase customer loyalty over time.


Even if you do not have a bad case, consider starting now to protect your product. Dignity management is one of the most challenging SEO techniques when done in an emergency. Plan ahead, build your self-esteem, and be prepared for an emergency.