Free CRM software for  by 2022

Free CRM software for  by 2022


What is CRM?



Customer Relationship Management (CRM), as the name suggests, is a system for managing all your company interactions and customer relationships and prospects. When people talk about CRM, they usually mean CRM software, which helps with sales management, communication management, production, and more.

With CRM software, your business can track customer and potential customer data. With data access, you can identify sales opportunities, detect service issues, record customer trends, and monitor marketing campaigns, all in one central location.



As your business grows, it is immediately important to have a single management system where all your information resides.



Why is CRM software so important to your business?


Gartner predicts that by 2021, CRM will become one of the largest revenue generating platforms for business software. CRM will be suitable not only for large companies but also for beginners, the private sector, and individual entrepreneurs.


Considering the big picture of launching CRM software, we can say why CRM software is so important.


Improve customer service


CRM software gives you a clear view of all your contacts and customer information to create profiles for all your contacts. This gives you easy access to important customer information (transaction history, order status, previous issues, etc.) and various communication channels (live chat, social media, email, etc.).


Customers do not have to repeat their stories to you, and you can deal with problems with good manners and a little effort to improve customer loyalty.



Save more customers


The level of retention is an important determinant of a company's success. CRM tools such as automated ticket purchase, emotional analysis, automated customer service automation and customer support can greatly improve your savings by allowing human agents to solve problems.


Some analytics tools that track customer health cycles can show you when and why the churn level occurs, so you can quickly identify and deal with pain areas.



Increased sales


CRM software allows you to capture multiple deals by setting up a repetitive and proven marketing process and deliver the right message to the right channel at the right time.

Alternatively, you can streamline and improve the sales process, build a sales pipeline, perform tasks automatically, and analyze your sales data. As a result, your sales and production will grow.



Get better statistics


CRM statistical tools make your data accessible, relevant, and understandable to your business needs. All of the bulk of sales data, marketing data, and financial data flows into CRM software for visual metrics, data storage and data mining available to make sense of everything.


Achieving maximum efficiency


Having all of your major daily business activities in one place creates better workflow, easier collaboration between team members, and better project management. Work automation eliminates manual and repetitive work and gives employees more time for cognitive tasks.


Statistics and dashboards will help you find out more about your work and prepare for all kinds of business processes.


Get to share better information


Poor communication and lack of information become two major wastes of time for organizations. Shared CRM tools can make your team work easier by allowing you to build an information management system, establish excellent workflows, and allow seamless communication between team members.



Improve visibility


CRM software allows you to promote greater transparency in your business by assigning tasks, demonstrating performance, and demonstrating individual member responsibility. Everyone in your organization can gain visibility in your business processes, and promote greater co-operation and collaboration.



What makes great CRM software great?


It is hard to believe that such an important tool for your business would not cost a cent. However, the selected CRM tools on our list hope that once you have invested in their service, you may be able to invest in a paid underground system. Even if you don't, these CRM programs offer free features.


Here's how to reduce the number of elements that create free CRM software.




  • Three free features (of course!). We have only considered CRM systems incorporating solid features into their free basic management systems without upgrading. At the very least, all the free CRM software on our list includes job automation, communication management, and tracking.


  • It's easy to use. We know this may be speculative, but at the moment, CRM systems should be easy to test from the very beginning. The layout should be easy to use and adapt to the most commonly used functions (e.g., deals, contacts, reports, settings) accessible on any screen.


  •  Unique features. Many CRM systems are available there. But each of our CRM software installed has features that make it different from other free software.


  • Can integrate with other applications. Finally, our selection may include other applications such as social media, email, E-commerce, and marketing platforms.



Free high quality CRM software


1. Freshsales  -


Launched as a consumer-focused customer service software called Freshdesk in 2010, the company has grown into a multi-product platform known as Freshworks. Under the umbrella of Freshworks is Freshworks CRM, a CRM marketing system created in 2016 to help manage sales.


Freshworks CRM has a variety of ready-to-start packages, large businesses, and all company size in between. In fact, it focuses on attracting, nurturing, managing and transforming leaders.


Benefits of Freshsales:


  • It has the visible function of drag and drop


  • Improves high quality customer support


  • Us AI to measure and earn lead points


  • Make it easy to classify sales teams based on product type, location, or party size.


  • Automatically collects data from all contacts from their company profiles or social media accounts.


2. Zoho

There is ample evidence that Zoho is not a joke when it comes to cloud-based applications. Its comprehensive portfolio means that it has extensive knowledge, and fully understands the complexity of business processes.


Additionally, by using any Zoho tools, you can have a variety of trusted business applications that you can integrate. Zoho has built all its features to connect seamlessly.


And Zoho CRM seems to be one of the basic tools. For example, its automated sales function includes account management, contact management, lead management, and deal management. Zoho CRM then adds that automatically to marketing, team interaction, predictive sales, partner relationship management, etc.



Benefits of Zoho:


  • .Simple and easy to use


  • .A painless migration to spreadsheets and other CRM systems


  • .Communication of all channels


  • Integration with third-party applications


  • .Task automation



  • In-depth reports, details, and statistics


  • .Previous and affordable prices



3. HubSpot

HubSpot is a well-known player in the CRM market, providing the tools needed to develop a system for managing customer relationships in small and medium enterprises with a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model.


This cloud-based CRM software offers a wealth of free tools and paid subscriptions. Many users check that HubSpot is easy to use and can provide you with real-time information about your sales pipeline.


You can tailor your HubSpot subscription to fit your business needs, as the software is divided into three “hubs”, each intended for different types of customer-focused businesses, including sales hub, marketing hub, and service hub. This makes HubSpot stand out from its competitors if you wish for a free CRM system designed for online or chat-based marketing.


Benefits of HubSpot:


  • Simple user interface


  • Firm performance


  • comprehensive studies and online knowledge base


  • Silels and reports can be customized


  • Flexible pricing plans



4. eWay CRM



EWay-CRM looks and feels natural because it is part of Microsoft Outlook. The fact that eWay-CRM is embedded right in Outlook helps to reduce the learning curve. As you convert email into a leader or project, eWay-CRM automatically captures contact details and inserts email. And there is a great email feature embedded right in your CRM software.


EWay-CRM has a post-sales activity tracking module. The user can change the project lead or link projects and contacts. EWay-CRM will automatically copy all communications from front to project so that the delivery team knows where to start.


With the workflow feature, you can outline a list of steps a project manager and his team must take to complete a task successfully. CRM software will keep an eye on important times and important steps. Contact History, Tasks, Docs, Timesheets, Deadlines, Budgets and much more are included. IOS / Android mobile apps are also available. EWay-CRM has desktop, web, and mobile versions.


Benefits of eWay-CRM:


  • Userable user interface (part of Microsoft Outlook)


  • Firm performance


  • Communication


  • Teaching and online knowledge base


  • Free and paid versions


  • Personal support



5 - Capsule

For more than a decade now, Capsule has enjoyed a great following in the SaaS CRM environment, thanks to its smart and easy way of managing customer relationships. Become one of the most comprehensive CRM tools in the market that can handle work, communication management, sales pipeline management, and much more.


But what does “simple” really mean here?


Well, let's not forget all about the CRM hullabaloo of CRM tools we've talked about so far. But Capsule is not all that noise. Instead, it comes with a backlash approach when it comes to improving customer relationships.


In other words, you can think of Capsule as a direct contrast to advanced platforms like Zoho CRM. This software is very straightforward, with only the necessary tools.


However, do not misunderstand. We are not saying that it will not do much. On the contrary, Capsule is almost as powerful as its developed counterparts.


Capsule Benefits:


  • Automatic updates


  • Great customer support


  • No contract termination, cancel at any time



Designed to help small businesses grow, BIGContacts by ProProfs is as simple as CRM gets. However, its simplicity does not interfere with the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool. BIGContacts simplifies contact management by automatically downloading data and keeping it synced across all integrated business applications.


This cloud-based CRM program provides activity tracking and communication to help you stay on top of things at all times. BIGContacts lets you create custom workflows, manage leads, define user roles and segment your customer base.


Benefits of BIGContacts:


  • A visual display


  • Happy customer support


  • Affordable prices


  • Customized modules


  • The pre-designed templates


  • Default functions


An important point

You can see that the best CRM solutions make running various departments of a growing business faster, easier, and more efficient.


After going through a number of different solutions, our team compiled a list of 6 free CRM software. We have tried to highlight the best budgeting options available, so that you can find a product that fits your business needs, while at the same time keeping track of your spending.