7 Useful Rotten Tomatoes Features Beyond Tomatometer Ratings



Rotten Tomatoes is primarily known for its Tomatometer ratings for movies and TV shows, a percentage that shows how many acclaimed critics have given positive reviews to the title. For most of us, this is the only real reason why we visit the site.

But there are a few other features on Rotten Tomatoes that you might want to check out. No matter how you feel about Tomatometer and its effectiveness as a benchmark of movies and TV shows, you're sure to find at least one of the following locations for a useful and worthwhile try.

1 . Films in the theater

One of the best features of Rotten Tomatoes is the ability to monitor the availability of films in theaters; Not only what has already come out, but also which films have the best results and which films are coming soon.

The Opening this Week page is a great way to choose what you want to watch in the next few weeks, while the Page Soon is the best for planning a few months and making a wish list for which movies to watch. In addition, there is a main box office page for recently released films that are still being shown in theaters.

Another notable site is Weekend Earnings, which tracks the effect at the box office of recently released films. This is a great way to spot hits that might otherwise go under your radar.

2 . DVD movies and streaming services

In addition to movies in theaters, Rotten Tomatoes tracks DVD release dates and streaming dates for movies.

The Top DVD & Streaming page is the main page to use, which is the best way to browse the most watched DVDs and streaming movies. However, you can also use the New Releases page for recent DVDs or streaming debuts, as well as the Soon to see the months ahead.

You'll need to click on each individual movie to see which streaming services support that movie (or use provider filters at the top of the page), and many streaming options are paid for. Common streaming options include iTunes, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. For alternatives, check out our list of the best free streaming sites for movies.

3 . Tickets and dates

If you visit the individual page for a movie that is currently in theaters, you can see in which theaters that film is shown in the Tickets and Dates section. Be sure to click Change Location and set your zip code to get the correct results.

Or you can use the Tickets and Screenings page to choose any date (today or in the future), any movie currently being shown, and any set of cinemas near your location. Click on any of the above display times to view and buy tickets.
All this is made possible by the fact that Rotten Tomatoes acquired Fandango back in 2016, providing real-time access to Fandang's vast database of cinemas and movies currently being shown.

4 . You want to see

More than half a thousand films are released every year. Keeping track of all of them can be difficult, especially when many of them are of high quality and worth watching.

Here is a nice "I want to see" function. You will need to create a Rotten Tomatoes account to start using it. Whenever you go to another page for a movie that hasn't been released yet, you'll be able to click the button you want to watch to add that movie to your list.

Then, in your personal profile, you can see all the movies you want to watch, all in one place. It's a nice and easy way to stay up to date with upcoming film releases. IMDb has a similar list ing function.

5 . Collection of films

When you view a single page for a movie that's part of a series, you'll see a link to the archive in the movie information section. This is a quick way to look at all the titles of movies and TV shows related to that particular franchise.

Here you can watch related movies and series that you may have missed. It's also an easy way to stay up to date with upcoming movies and TV shows from the franchise. While several franchises are as big as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's still useful for the smaller ones.

6 . Trailer

Otten Tomatoes is one of the best locations to use if you want to stay up to date with the latest movie trailers. In fact, while you can watch trailers on a single page of a show or movie, there's even a page that's entirely devoted to that purpose.

Visit the page with the most popular movie trailers, which is divided into sections such as New and Upcoming, Best Series on Netflix, and Latest Certified New Movies.

The Netflix section is particularly noteworthy because it can be difficult to watch good shows on Netflix. Luckily, you can check out all the trailers on this Rotten Tomatoes page and upload the trailers you're interested in.

7 . News and interviews

Rotten Tomatoes' last major feature is news, but that's a bit misleading because it's not news at all. Instead, if you go to the news page, you'll find mostly editorial content from the "top list." This can be a great way to find new movies and TV shows to watch, but don't get into it expecting industry news.