6 Reasons Why Upwork Is Better Than Fiverr



Freelance career starts with choosing the right freelance platform. Upwork and Fiverr are at the top of hundreds of freelance websites. With a huge customer base, a good reputation and years of success, both the platforms are great to start with.

While both platforms outperform each other in specific ways, we’ll look at some of the reasons why Upwork is a better option.


1. Easy Availability of Jobs

After creating your account on Upwork, you can browse through all the jobs available on the platform, narrow them down using filters based on your skills and experience, and apply for them as per your convenience and preference .

Upwork uses “connect” when applying for a job, which you get free during sign-up or you can buy at a reduced cost. As long as you have “connected”, you can apply for as many jobs as possible. Check out this article to learn more about Connect on Upwork.

Fiverr differs from Upwork in that clients contact you directly instead of contacting you. Although there is a dedicated buyer’s request section where you can view available projects, they are limited. Also, depending on the right of your gig, you may see a limited number of requests at once, or you may not see them at all.

So, looking at the availability of jobs and the ease of applying for them without any limitations, Upwork is on top after the defeat of Fiverr.

2. Consistency of Winning Customers

With the ability to apply for hundreds of jobs every day, Upwork makes it easy for you to reach new clients and get hired consistently. With a properly configured profile, a focus on clients relevant to your expertise, an exceptional portfolio at your back, and knowing how to craft lucrative offers, it’s impossible not to work on projects.

Conversely, as long as your gigs rank on Fiverr, you will continue to get projects. The day your gig starts de-ranking, you will start losing customers. When your gigs disappear from the first page of Fiverr, you’ll have to struggle to find a single project.

Despite this, you will still be able to apply buyer requests, but the primary source of organic traffic to gigs will be missing. That way, your organic order will be on hold until your gigs start to rank again.

Upwork makes it easy to reach new clients and find jobs by putting in the best effort, whereas on Fiverr, everything depends on whether the Fiverr algorithm works in your favor or not. This makes Upwork a better option for continuous work.

3. Flexible Pricing Controls and Lower Commissions

Upwork gives freelancers and clients more control over pricing. Your client can either pay you for the entire project in one go or break the project into smaller milestones and fund each separately. As an added convenience, clients can also hire you for an hourly wage.

Fiverr allows you to place custom orders or better control your pricing by providing different packages. However, unlike Upwork, Fiverr does not support hourly payments, which makes it extremely difficult for freelancers and clients to track hours accurately and estimate project prices accordingly.

In addition, Fiverr charges customers a higher commission, which is rated at three percent to five percent on Upwork. Meanwhile, Fiverr deducts 20 percent from freelancers’ earnings, while the amount varies from 5-20 percent on Upwork, depending on your total earnings from a particular client.

Upwork also has a desktop app that makes it easy to track freelance work hours.

4. High security for vendors

Upwork is a safer and more secure workplace as compared to Fiverr. On Upwork, applicants can easily view customer history and all the feedback received from other service providers. Also, one can check if their payment method has been verified and their appointment rate can be tracked till date.

This gives us a clear picture of whether the client is worth working with. Also, the decision to accept a project and work on it is up to you. Even if you decline a project, it will not affect your profile or ranking in any way.

However, on Fiverr, anyone can reach out to you and order your gig without even talking to you. Canceling an order reduces your order’s completion rate. Being one of the major ranking factors, the low order completion rate results in a drop in ranking in your gig. Scammers can easily take advantage of this loophole to beat you in the rankings.

Thanks to the increased security and transparency on Upwork, it’s easy to filter out the right people to work for, which isn’t possible on Fiverr. Check out our article on how secure Upwork is and what scams you should watch out for when working on the platform.


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